Fields of Sagebrushes

Journey through the Unstable Lands
The steppe
Accompany Viktor and Iosif through some strange encounters; on their road trip through an unstable world right before it's collapse.
Iosif and Viktor 
Hope you enjoy this apocalyptic road trip through an Unstable World!

How To Play

Manage 4 stats:
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Morale
  • Wellbeing

Game Over occurs if you let one stat reach 0.

Each journey has 3 phases:
  • Preparation
  • Trip
  • Aftermath


Prepare for the next trip. Buying things with money is reliable but you can also try to risk it and look for work or chat with the locals.


Numerous random events occur, based on the region. Choose who will deal with each situation and what choices they will make. Figure out who is best at each task!


Observe how your actions impacted your stats.

Character Info:

Iosif: Good with cars; Has a short temper;
Victor: Previously a doctor; Easy to get along with; Terrible management skills;

Have Fun!


Made for Geta Game Jam 12

Art and Game Design: Yaga

Music and Sound Design: Shirou

Programming: Danidre


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Really cool game! Thank you for making it!!